First electrical Hypercar

Rimac Concept One 1st electrical Hypercar, discovered in Production semblance

Rimac Automobili, the Croatian company that keeps showing us electrical supercar ideas, has disclosed its 1st production model.

The guys at Rimac most popular to pay additional on development and style than on stigmatization, and referred to as their 1st production model the Concept_One.

While the name could be a bit confusing, because it could be a production model, the specs of this vehicle can blow you away. it’ll attain this wordlessly, because the Rimac conception One is an electrical hypercar. the look of this model is additionally warrant the exclusive sports automotive class placed on top of “regular” supercars.

The Concept One options four magnet electrical motors, one for every wheel, and every with a casing of its own. The gearboxes on the front shaft area unit single-speed units, whereas those on the rear shaft area unit twin-clutch two-speed units.

The electric motors area unit placed within the center of each axles and develop a complete of 1088 horsepower and 1600 Nm (1,180 lb-ft) of torsion. Naturally, the electrical hypercar options a sophisticated all-wheel-drive system with torsion vectoring.

The world’s 1st production electrical hypercar is capable of fast from zero to one hundred km/h (0-62 MPH) in barely 2.6 seconds. The dash from zero to two hundred km/h (0-124 MPH) is achieved in  6.2 seconds. This model deserves its hypercar designation because it is capable of fast from zero to three hundred km/h (186 mph) in barely 14.2 seconds, whereas high speed is of 355 km/h (220 mph).

The torsion vectoring system is named R-AWTV and additionally works as ABS, traction management, stability management, and supports regenerative braking of up to four hundred power unit. Naturally, the automotive encompasses a hydraulic braking system, that operates with carbon-ceramic elements.

Even while not the standard brakes, the Concept One is capable of a swiftness of up to 0.6 g. The R-AWTV system was developed with the assistance of Pikes Peak legend Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima, World Health Organization raced an electrical automotive steam-powered by Rimac technology. The dynamic torsion vectoring system is fully turned off, and also the driver gets to decide on from four driving modes that vary from comfort to trace and drift mode.

On the inside, the two-seat hypercar options associate in-house designed and designed moving picture system. All the physical buttons area unit machined from billet atomic number 13, whereas different options area unit controlled through the bit screen interface of the customised multimedia system unit. The latter encompasses a 4G LTE web association, its own Cloud, and uses data from over five hundred sensors to produce the last word driving expertise.


The battery pack of this vehicle develops 1000 kW throughout acceleration and is capable of gripping up to four hundred kW in regenerative braking part. Due to associate industry-unique thermal management system, the battery encompasses a low-resistance semiconducting system and works alright in varied temperature ranges. The battery has 8450 separately controlled cells and guarantees semipermanent performance.

Rimac Automobili can solely create eight Concept One units. the value of the electrical hyper automotive from Croatia has not been nominal, however we tend to expect it to be warrant its hypercar designation.




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