An easy way to give yourself a great mood for the whole day

In Tibet, there is an amazing range of morning gymnastics Do-In, which can be done without getting out of bed and in 3 minutes just.This complex exercise has changed the lives of many people, and he will help you. The full gymnastic Do-In includes 25 exercises, but in our hectic lifestyle to perform 25 exercises is too much, so the mini-complex includes just 5, but it will be enough to give yourself a good mood for whole dey.

Exercise 1

Thoroughly rub the ears with thumb and forefinger, and then with whole hands. Prefer to rub 10-20 times with fingers and 10-20 times with the flat of the hand.

Exercise 2

Stroke your head with open both palms right and left, starting from the forehead to the neck 10-15 times.

Exercise 3

Follow the movement of “washing the face, palms open.” Move your hands up and down, capturing your cheeks and temples 15-20 times.

Exercise 4

Sit down and cross your fingers, put on the back of the neck. Try to tilt the head back, overcoming the resistance of hands 15-20 times the average rate.

Exercise 5

Seat slightly lean forward, and with both hands rub the lumbar region moves up and down, right and left hand moving in opposite directions. Begin the movement by moving the spine to the side surfaces. Do 20-30 movements with slight pressure.

All these exercises activate important points of the body, responsible for the well-being throughout the day. Importantly, do not be lazy!

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