NOKIA: good batteries, durable phones and lack of vision

The small town in Finland does not look particularly appealing, but when you find out that his name is thus known in the world of technology, you will walk the streets thereof with respect and a certain dose of nostalgia.


The town launched the mobile phone industry in the late 90s and early 2000s, and the company that came out of it in the 19th century, acted as indestructible because at one point held 40% of the world market for mobile phones.


Nokia is still the town directly reminiscent of the Finnish first true global brand. The success of the eponymous company cause enormously rapid growth of the Finnish economy and the Nokia accounted for about 25% of the growth from 1997 to 2007. Simple – Nokia was an economic miracle.


But soon after its peak, the company began to fall in parallel with the advent of the recession, worst in the history of northern European country.


“Nokia was big, so its fall scare citizens because of possible consequences for the country,” said Carrie Kankaala, head of economic development of the city of Tampere.


Tampere is located about 15 minutes drive from Nokia. There was located the largest center for research and development of technology which employed 4,000 people.


“Nokia has been the backbone of everything. Universities depended on cooperation with the company, and new jobs for young people also depended on it. Unemployment is now between 14 and 15%,” said Kankaala.


Instead Nokia, now other companies here are dealing with the development of technology to supplement the gap occurred. On the other hand, the sector of Telecommunications Nokia held in life and continues to be an important link in the Finnish industry.


Many workers of our Nokia today can not understand how it happened and fall as the world leader in sales of mobile phones in 2007, they had to sell it in 2014 to Microsoft.


“Great success lay in the fact that phones were also reduced in size compare to models of Motorola. It happened in 1997 and 1998 – a dream come true for every engineer” said Mika Granstrom, former ┬ámanager of Nokia in the center of Tampere.


nokia fdf30f43For him, in the old days it was important only the length of battery life and smaller device. But everything changed when Apple in 2007 introduced its first modern smartphone.


“Things have become complicated. After that we were not sure how to target consumers. Does with the ease of use, whether the battery life or the size? If we talk about the battery, we had devices that could last up to seven days, and then they made device that you have to charge every day. so, how to sell that to consumers? “explains Grandstorm.


Nokia rehearsed to overtake Samsung and Apple, but without success. In 2014 the sector for mobile phones was sold to Microsoft, after which he was removed

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