Researchers found that drinking coffee will save the liver damaged by alcohol

Researchers found that drinking coffee will save the liver from damage by alcohol Love coffee, and occasionally drink alcohol? The risk of cirrhosis of the liver is too much bigger to make your case much lower than that of a man who does not drink coffee at all. US scientists from Stanford University in the course of their research came to the conclusion that coffee is good for the human liver for people who use periodically alcohol.


coffee2 Of course, it should be remembered that the coffee will not save you from alcoholism, but the news for the coffee are, pleasant. Person who drinking a couple cups of coffee per day significantly reduce the risk of liver damaged by alcohol. At the project scientists carefully studied data on 430,000 volunteers and have come to interesting conclusions. Those people who daily drank 2 cups of coffee, suffer from cirrhosis of the liver by 44% less, while those who drank 4 cups, – by 65%. Let us remind you that for one year from this incurable disease die about 1 million people.



coffeeimgThe cause of cirrhosis, in addition to alcohol, tend to become hepatitis and diseases related to immunity. The benefits and disadvantages of coffee are fierce controversy to this day. Some experts argue that moderate consumption of coffee reduces the risk of developing breast cancer, the risk of diabetes of the second type, and in general reduce total mortality. However, their opponents assert that coffee has a negative impact on the heart, increases blood pressure, leading to severe loss of body fluids and other troubles. Which of the two sides believe – quite a complicated question. But science does not stand still, and sooner or later, scientists will be able to dot the arguments and to figure out what the coffee contains, more – benefit or harm.

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