10 Rules of Happy Woman

  1. Take care of yourself:

Be careful, neat and with nice smelling.


  1. Do not waste your time on trifles:

Do not change partners too often. Real men never pay attention to the girls readily available.


  1. To carry out women’s work:

A woman should be able to cook, wash, sew, look for the children, etc., thereby you creates a coziness in the house, which is wish to each man.


  1. Getting rid of bad habits:

A woman who drinks, smokes, use foul language, etc. is not only ruining her physical health, but also loses her natural attractiveness in the eyes of other people.


  1. Should be able to get rid of stress:

Resentment, anger, envy, hatred, aggression, fear, jealousy, etc. destroy our physical and mental health with a negative attacks that are accumulating, manifested in the form of various diseases.


  1. Take your feminine nature:

Woman nature is to harmonize the world around her, especially in family relationships. Women should understand that the head of the family is a man, and she doesn’t need to carry out man duties. A woman is born to give love and receive love, she is a support and encouragement of her husband and children. She is a reliable friend for each family member.


  1. Love not only from your heart, but from the mind too:

Many women, fall in love wrong person, naively believe that they will change. This is not so good. In most cases, women are disappointed and regret about the spent forces. The men begin to see in women grumpy and arrogant persons. So love is destroyed. You always have to look at the future: Love will sooner or later go away, then what will remain?


  1. A very serious approach to the question of marriage:

The main task of women is to find the right person, as it affects not only on her happiness but also the happiness of her husband and future children.


  1. The desire to keep the family together:

The woman is the heart of the family. It’s very important to bring harmony to the house.


  1. You should be able to be happy, regardless of the situation:

Ability to enjoy in the little things and to be happy at the same time – that is the key to success, health and happiness.


Photo source: https://pixabay.com

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