12 things that “kill” relationships

Love – this is not what is shown in movies. It does not consist of romantic dates and kisses under the moon. Happy relationship – it is work, based on mutual respect and patience. But harmony is easy to break.


Here are 12 things that destroy relationships.


  1. Attempts to change each other

Ideal people do not exist. But do not confuse the habits and character traits. There are things that cannot be changed by ourselves. So do not confuse – socks scattered around the house (habit) and lost umbrella for the fifth time this season (distraction – a character trait).


  1. Meet the Parents

So it’s good, if you are familiar with the parents of your partner (and she / he is with yours). Even better, when they are friends. Alas, it’s not always like this. Maybe the parents of your partner will not like you too much or vice versa, but it should not affect the relationship. Do not disrespect your choice.


  1. Mobile phone

It’s amazing how fast gadgets have become important in our life. Instead of enjoying with your loved one, we chat on the phone, write SMS, sit in social networks. Of course, sometimes there are really important things, but in the end, there is nothing more important to a loved one.


  1. Quarrels

Disagreements are inevitable. Sooner or later, there are conflicts in any relationship. Moreover, it is normal. Quarrels – part of the happy relationship. But on one condition. Do not skip a line. Do not insult each other, do not put your anger above your partner and remember that there is no conflict, which would be impossible to resolve through compromise.


  1. Silence

No one can read your mind. Even loved one. There is a problem? Tell me about it. Something like that? Speak. The expression of emotions, both positive and negative is the key of psychological health.


  1. Forgiveness

Everyone makes mistakes. And you too. Learn to forgive your loved one. Do not hold a grudges into yourself and do not hoard them. This will not only save your relationship, but also helps avoid unnecessary stress. Psychologists have noticed that offense in a relationship adversely affect human health.


  1. Spying

Love is built on trust. Trust in your partner. Your loved one can (and should) have a personal space. Respect it. Do not read his/her messages, the e-mail, don’t check her/his pockets.


  1. Jealousy

Someone thinks that jealousy is a sign of love, someone thinks that it is selfishness and disrespect. In any case, it affects both of you: the one is tormented by suspicion, the another one is offended. How to deal with it? Just be honest – do not make and do not look for reasons to be jealous.


  1. Excessive calm

Have you noticed that when people find a love and when everything is going well, they begin to gain weight? Harmony and peace in a relationship – it’s fine. But this is not a reason to stop looking for yourself. Do you want your partner to be interested in you? Your loved one deserve to be proud of your beauty.


  1. Comparison

Forget about your ex. They are in the past. This is a new love. And it is very easy to destroy it, comparing with partners from your past.


  1. Lies

Lies, like water, can erode the foundation of any, even the strongest union. Follow the principle of Dr. House – “all lies” – it is possible, but not in communication with your loved one. Speak honestly with her/him.


  1. Lying to yourself

Sometimes relationships are crumbling, not because you lie your partner, but because you are not enough honest with yourself. Is this the person with whom you want to be after many years?  Unless you answer on this question, you will not achieve harmony in the relationship.


Image source: https://pixabay.com

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