How woman complicates her life?

In every woman there is a direct link to the “divine”. In our contemporary reality, this link is dirty of emotional and mental person’s operating time that is under great influence of the world around. Very rare there is a women, which link is clear.

The pollution due to these wrong actions of the woman:


  1. Clothes


A woman should wear clean and beautiful clothes. But often many of the women dress up, playing up with her own lust, parading individual pieces of her body. Everyone looks at a woman lustfully. In contrast to the loving look, a lustful look may strike and can break through the human field of energy and as a consequence – bodily or mental illness. The true beauty of women will never cause a feeling of lust, it causes feelings of fascination and admiration of all ages.


  1. Wrong family relationships


If a woman who “wash dirty linen in public”, reveals the mystery of what is happening in the family, he tells all about her husband or her children to strangers, by the same token, she opens her power. And then the voluntary or involuntary intervention of another person can affect and destroy the peace in the family.


You can talk closely only with those who really can help you: You can consult with a mentor; you can trust a woman who has a divine grace; you can trust your man, if he does not shows feminine qualities (he does not tell others what is entrusted to him).


  1. We must learn to be married.


When the woman is in front, the man loses his sense of pioneering. The problem of women is to reveal a man in his masculine qualities, to help him create the harmony of faith and love.


  1. A woman should be able to keep her secrets


Women do not need to share all of her secret. Every woman has secrets that her man doesn’t know them. If a man understands the mystery of the woman, he loses interest for her. All the best should be worn at home for your man. You cannot rush to disclose your intimacy, the opening should be gradual. The quality of the relationship must continue to grow in community.


5. Over-expression of female power

What is peculiar to the female power? Femininity and softness. Excessive femininity is when a woman is often capricious, she often cry – that destroys her environment, her energy field.


6. Gossip


The consequence of gossip about others will promote your own troubles. If you condemn others, you falls under the influence of evil forces and attract negative energy in your life.


7. Impure thoughts and desires


It is manifested in the demands of love, affection, focus, better fate coming from selfhood (ego). We must be able to understand that what we have now – is a payment that is given for the path that you have been before (the karmic consequences).

If you are glad to small things, you offer more. You get only that, which you are able to give, because the other person is a mirror of your attitude towards him.



        8. When a woman takes the power into her own hands


Daughter learns from the example of her mother and family relationships. If the mother is domineering, the daughter is also showing authoritativeness.


The boys should be learned to give love and volition, they should make decisions and take responsibility for opposite sex. And if you explain these things to boy, to teach him, he realizes that the girls are different. No explanations and educational measures will not help – it is important only an example from the mother.

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