Instructions for men about women

My friend, remember! The woman is not a little, stupid child. And it is not naïve “being” who plays just with emotions. But it’s an amazing person, able to fill your life with warmth, and create you the conditions for the gigantic growth and achievement of any, even the most unimaginable heights.


Do you know what she needs the most? Here are 3 main components.


  1. Stability. It is not about the endless score on the credit card that you provide. In the women’s understanding – your endless attention is how the woman is feeling, and allowing her to be “all around you”. The beautiful and not beautiful, right and wrong, cheerful and sad, strong and weak. Woman’s life is like constant emotional swings. Sometimes she is very predictable and positive, sometimes she is capricious, headstrong and touchy. The same phenomenon once can amuse her, and after two weeks later it causes disappointment and pain. Well, if you decide to see this as an opportunity to explore the abyss of another inner peace, you will enjoy of eternal change.


  1. Understanding. Be sure that you have a detailed communication, talk about all the details of your and her life. On the way to the target are also the things which are very important for her although it’s seems like insignificant. For woman it’s not interesting, for example, that you entered into a contract, but it is extremely interesting, how it was done in details (thoughts, feelings). Imagine that you are describing a football match with all penalties, corners, fouls, goals… And I do not exaggerate. Woman really perceives all subtleties as meaning of the life. The result is important to you. She is the process. But life, by the way, 99% consists of processes. Exactly this feature of her psyche can make your daily routine incredibly comfortable.


  1. Necessity. Most of all it is extremely important for her to know that she is needed. It should not be expressed by words but by concrete actions. – Your task is to take care of women’s health. Ironically, women sometimes cannot cope with everything in this case. A visit to the doctor, sport, appearance, sexuality – it is your responsibility. It is you who will make a woman beautiful, attractive, your muse. You can buy clothes, dress, heels, and ask her to wear it from time to time. She will blossom if she would hear that often. For woman is vital to know that she is the only one and the best for you, despite on everything what’s going on around. Speak frankly if you need her support and faith in you.


And further! She don not want to know anything about your past relationships, but she can ask about them. Not a single fact! Keep silent! And your future has the potential to become bright.


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