IT stress

Despite the undeniable benefits that we have from the use of computers, more and more users are logged in whom symptoms of addiction, experts have identified a syndrome and IT stress. It is a feeling of panic when something breaks down or when a user can not do it.

IT stress syndrome, a well-known computer users, was the subject of a study conducted in the US in which he pointed out the consequences depending on the technology of modern man.

Panic can occur when a complicated technical device breaks down

CMOC organization that brings together 4,500 Marketing Director from 70 countries, studied the problem of the information through the stress study that included 1,000 people in North America.

Some 94 percent stated that they were use computers in everyday life. Two-thirds stated that in the last year was forced to seek help from technicians to solve computer problems and that he himself recognized the symptoms of IT stress syndrome.


Stress is often caused by small technical difficulties in using a computer that people often perceived as complicated and frustrating appliances due to various failures.


Also, the emergence of the virus and the long wait for the solution of the problem is the cause of stress for many users, according to a survey.


“Computers today are so much important and necessary to have become double-edged sword,” said one of the researchers, a doctor Murray Fingold who identified a new syndrome.


“When functioning well, computers are fantastic. But as soon as something goes wrong, people immediately start to panic and that is what we call the information stress syndrome, “said Fingold.



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