One step from decomposing medical microchips

First version of the medical microchip, which is biodegradable under the influence of body fluids, made in the laboratories of the US Stanford University. Scientists are one step away from safe biodegradable chip which is dosed drug or provides information from inside the body.

Microchips that can not break down must be removed surgically after the expiration of the specified period.

Scientists at Stanford University in California have managed to construct a microchip that I completely breaks down under the influence of fluid in the human body.

Electronics, which is now incorporated into the human body in order to, for example, managed or artificial heart valves or order as a dispenser, supplied from a drug to a particular organ, must be removed after the end of the scheduled period of operation. This means that the patient needed another surgery.

The biggest problem during the development of a new microchip was necessary elimination of silicon, the only element that is not biodegradable, but it is essential in making of the microchip.

Organic semiconductors, however, already exist and it is these compounds, together with polymer insulation washers and minimum silver and gold conductors, California scientists have applied for making special microchip.

This electronic device is stable in ordinary water, but gradually, after 70 days, it will be broken down in the human body fluids – aqueous salt solutions, reports from scientific work.

After unloading a microchip in the body remains only a negligible amount of silver and gold – metal is not in large quantities do not have a detrimental effect on health.

The new device can fulfill all their tasks – the requested program dosed drug or to provide information about the process of healing body after surgery.

i76hgrefe For now this revolutionary microchip, has one drawback – it must be used the current with relatively high voltage which can cause electrolysis of water and create hydrogen and oxygen gases.

This can harm the adjacent organs, which the founder now take additional experiments for this device.

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