You want a nice day? Read these simple ways, make your day better

  1. Smell lemon. Researchers from Tel Aviv University found that smells of citrus, especially lemon, positively affect our mood because it raises the level of serotonin, also known as the hormone of happiness, in our body.


  1. Assemble your “happy list”. Take sheet of paper, write a few things that make you happy, for example the date when you go on vacation, favorite quote from celebrities, clothes that you plan to buy and similar things. Any small or big thing that you want it, automatically will cheer you up when you start thinking about it.


  1. Spread your face with cream for sunbathing. No matter, you will go to the beach or you will go to work or college. Smells that associate you with beach, sun and sea will immediately “draw” a smile on your face. It is enough to put little bit on your hands and to get lost in fantasies.


  1. Hug someone. Your family, friends, partner, pet, doesn’t matter. The hugs have medicinal properties.


  1. Start playing your favorite song. If you do not have a favorite song, then let them “universal anthems” of happiness: “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and “The Bare Necessities” from the animated film “The Jungle Book.”


  1. Eat fine chocolate. Black chocolate stimulates the brain to discharge endorphins, which are responsible for the good mood.


  1. Prioritize your tasks. Stress in common reason for us to have a bad day. You have a long list of task, so tackle any problems head-on at the start of the day to get them out of the way as early as possible. You can do it in the morning, because it will eliminate feelings of worry throughout the rest of your day. Write your tasks all down and then number them from one to ten, starting with the most important.


  1. Be grateful for something or someone. To establish this pattern, you can write down your gratitude. It becomes easier to recognize the nice things around you.


  1. Do exercise for at least 22 minutes, or take a walk. You need just comfortable shoes, go out and start walking. I am sure that you will feel better when you return. One of the most healthful activities is exercise too.


  1. Sit quietly in the sun for a few minutes. Remember who you are.


  1. Listen to classical music. Classical music featuring slower rhythms was found to promote long-term heart health and reduce stress.


  1. Take a bath or shower. Hydrotherapy is an old natural health remedy. Published article in the North American Journal of Medical Sciences suggests that 10 minutes of whirlpool bathing increases feelings of well-being and decreases anxiety, while cold showers may have an antidepressive effect.

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