How to clean your cell phone?

A typical female problem is cleaning the big screen mobile which is known for powder and blush. Fortunately, there are ways to simply remove the fat stains on mobile.


  1. Dust Cloth


Cloth dust is made of micro fibers that do not leak dust, so it is ideal for cleaning and mobile.


The top of the cloth a little dip under water, good strain, and clean the screen. Note that you need to bypass the microphone and loudspeaker.


Finally, clean the entire screen it to the dry side of the cloth.



  1. Sticks to ears


Sticks ears are perfectly detailed cleaning the mobile phone. They are easy to clean hard to reach places like the edges and corners of the mobile where often congregate bacteria.


Mix 60% water and 40% medical alcohol. In fluid dip stick and ears to him gently clean edges of the mobile phone.



  1. Vinegar and water disinfection


On the screen of the mobile phone gather a lot of bacteria that are transmitted from the fingers, so it is good to disinfect.


Mix vinegar and water in a ratio of 50:50 in the liquid dip the tip of cloth dust.


Well drain excess fluid and wet part of the towel to wipe the screen, and then the dry part again wipe the entire mobile phone.




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