Attention: fraud on Facebook! Be careful adding these people to friends…


A new type of fraud on Facebook is rapidly gaining momentum! If you see a friend request from friends of the person who is already is in your contact list, most likely they want to cheat on you.


Fraud in social networks


Scams on the Internet


First, they create a profile, where you can see all the information from a real profile already in your friends list. Then the scammers are adding to the friends all of the users from the victim’s contacts. People saw a familiar face, boldly add the person as a friend, believing that his old page just hacked.


Developers warn that before you add this user as a friend, you must make sure that it really is a second account of your relative or friend.


Thus, sending messages with various requests, scammers are able to learn about your personal information. They often asked to borrow money, to register on some unknown sites…


Type of fraud on the Internet is gaining popularity


To protect yourself from fraud on the Internet, you should restricted access to your page. Change your settings so that only friends can view your personal information and photos. It is also necessary to restrict access to your friends list. To do this, open the tab “Friends” and the line “Who can see a list of your friends?” Choose “Friends”.


If you think this information is important, be sure to tell your friends about it!

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