He put the coins on his laptop to cool it down!

With the advancement of technology, we feel as if our possibilities become endless. Not so long ago, people are limited to the use of desktop computers (and before that nothing), but now we have all these mobile alternatives. Laptops, tablets, all!


The big problem with laptops is the fact that they can overheat easily. There is nothing more frustrating than lying in bed with a laptop and it becomes so hot that it just goes out. Do not worry because more were discovered super trick.


This necessarily share with those whose laptop constantly overheats!


You can help keep your laptop from overheating with this super simple trick (which includes money, obviously).



Map showing laptop heat under pressure and gives a pretty good picture of why our laptops overheating.


All this heat is focused in one place.


Japanese singer Akinori Suzuki tired of constant overheating of his laptop and finally realized this ingenious and simple trick!


All you have to do is take a bunch of coins and sort them behind the keyboard!


The type of coin you should use depending on where you are. Since copper is the best in the dissipation of heat, a penny is excellent for this trick.

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