Why charger cable for laptop has a cylinder?

Mankind daily invents new and new things that you have better and easier life.

Yet there are those who almost all have but we never even thought about it being used.

Nuts from jeans, to the top holes of the shoes, below here are a few such “secrets” purposes.

Shirts Why have a loop for hanging the rear?

There are several versions of this element of the shirt. According to the first that serve it can be hung on the hanger. According to the second version, it is believed that this element helped in keeping the tie.

The third version is that romantic. One student who studied at a university in America, when he began to be seen with a girl, cut the loop for anyone to know he is busy, while it every day wearing the hijab.
Why charger for laptop has a circular cylinder?

Surely you’ve noticed this element of the charger but you never been clear for serving. This part is called ferrite core and it removes the possibility of interference with the power cord. Its design is very simple: there are ferrite cylinder wires that are placed around the ring.
Why is there a hole in the spaghetti spoon?

The hole in the spaghetti spoon was made in order to measure the amount of spaghetti that you need for a standard meal. Certainly there are people who want to eat a greater or lesser amount but this “secret” feature of the spoon can certainly be beneficial to all.
For serving piece of fabric you receive a new item of clothing?

Manufacturers added this interesting element in order to be able to wash with special tools such as bleach, for example, to know how the clothes would react.

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