You Can Actually Use Coca Cola And Pepsi As A Pesticide, So Why Are We Still Drinking This Stuff?

Here is a small list of diseases caused by the ingredients that make up the most popular beverage in the world:


occurrence of kidney stones;

brittleness and deformity of bones;

muscle weakness, seizures and corrosion of muscle tissue;

risk of pancreatic cancer;

diabetes and obesity;

risk of gastritis;

stomach ulcer;

duodenal ulcer;

risk of lung cancer, liver and leukemia.

It turned out that the constant use of soda leads to impotence in men and infertility in women. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but to risk or not depends on you.


That Cola completely is valueless may not realize small children. But an adult should know exactly that soda causes a significant harm to the body. And, nevertheless, its use is growing in all countries of the world extends to all the continents, its sales volume is only growing. A strange phenomenon, that is to say!


Cola is harmful, not only because it contains the maximum daily dose of sugar in just one bottle. In addition to sugar substitutes in the standard recipe of this “delicious beverage” are included:


  • sugar colorant (E150),
  • phosphoric acid (E338),
  • Crimson (E122),
  • phenylalanine
  • flavorings,


Use Coca Cola as a pesticide


Alok Prasad Putul claims that Coca-Cola and Pepsi are used for pesticides by the farmers in India. So, their usage in India shows why it is considered that they are poisonous for our metabolism


Center for Science and Environment (CSE) is one of the main voluntary agencies in India which claims that the soft drinks that are produced in India have extremely high levels of pesticide residues, so they are used for eliminating pests.


Gupta, the president of Coca-Cola in India claims that the Center for Science and Environment (CSE) revelations were unfair and that his company was subjected to a trial by media, disagreeing that their products can be used as pesticides.


Farmers have also claimed that as a replacement for pesticides do not have to use only, “Coca-Cola”. “Pepsi ” and other soft drinks are good too. The fact that their main ingredients are water and sugar, and some manufacturers have added for better taste of citric and phosphoric acid.


According to a leading specialist in Indian agriculture Devindera Sharma, farmers has found the correct application of cola, as they have traditionally used sugary solutions to attract red ants, which devoured the larvae of pests. Sharma believes that cola operates similarly.


It should be noted that the properties of “Coca Cola” have been discussed for many years. It has been reported that Cola can be used for cleaning toilets, wiping the glass and remove the rust. In China, according to unconfirmed reports, one of the new varieties of “Coca-Cola” is used as a contraceptive.


However, the official representative of the company in Atlanta said that the beverage application for insect has no scientific justification, and reports of individual cases does not prove its effectiveness in this capacity.

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