New Toothpaste Leaves Dentists Without Work

A revolutionary invention in the field of personal care products made by Japanese scientist Kazuo Yamagashi.


With the invention of this toothpaste, you can quickly and painlessly plug the holes and cracks in the teeth, as well as to restore the tooth enamel without the help of dentists, according to British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.


Its composition is similar to tooth enamel, and can be applied directly to a crack in a tooth. Material was obtained from experiments with hydroxyl apatite – the main component of the teeth.


First, the substance contained in the acid dissolves slightly cracked surface enamel. Three minutes later the paste crystallizes, and the artificial material is firmly embedded in the structure of the natural enamel. Plus it is a good antibacterial agent.


“We have shown that our synthetic material can reconstruct enamel without prior excavation,” Kazue Yamagishi, of the FAP Dental Institute in Tokyo, stated.  In other words, this therapy spells the end to the traditional “drill and fill” dentistry.


Tests conducted by Japanese dentists show that healed tooth with the help of the invention does not differ from the healthy one.

The difference is not visible even under a microscope


Regenerating the tooth enamel with this therapy rather than drilling the decayed part is the ultimate approach to therapy which every dentist in the world should seek.

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