You Will Not Buy Tangerines Again. Plant Them In A Flowerpot at Your Home

Growing Mandarin is not complicated and exciting experience. Do it with your child, it is very interesting – to grow your own tangerine tree!


What do we do?


First prepare the ground

Preparation of seeds and planting


Pest and disease control

  1. Preparing the soil

Mandarins do not like a dried, acidic ground. Use organic soil for better drainage. Purchased mixture are almost always with peat. Read the composition and choose the land without peat. The best way is if you prepare yourself.


2 parts of humus,

2 part of forest land

1 part sand

The most important is that the ground should be “light”, well lets water and air. If the soil is ready, cook the seeds.


  1. Preparation of the seeds and planting

Soak the mandarin seeds for better germination. It is possible for a couple of days to put them in a damp cloth, put in a warm place. Make sure that the cloth is always wet and does not dry out.


Like for any flower, you should put on the bottom drainage – a layer of pebbles, shards, shells of nuts. Then, fill with the prepared soil and plant the seeds to a depth of about 4 cm.


Planting several pieces, up to ten.



  1. Care

Young tangerine trees do not like dry air and dry land. You need to spray them with water often, as in the apartments in winter the air is dry and dust the leaves.

You should occasionally add a fertilizer high in magnesium, zinc, and iron.

When the soil is dry to an inch deep, water the tangerines. Do not forget to cut the withered and broken branches.

The tangerine tree could grow at your house a lot of years. Each year, it should be transplanted into a larger pot.


  1. Pest and disease

It may appear red mites, aphids, flies. There are various biological products, “green soap”, or you can prepare an infusion of garlic and onion. At home is better to don’t use chemicals.

You can put the pot in the bathroom and wash the leaves and stem of the pests. Because just spraying will not give results.


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