Cleaning the snow is dangerous for the heart, especially if you have this habit!

If you live in a house, you have to clean from the house to the gate, you know very well how you feel after shoveling. Our doctor explains why you does not need to overwork in cold weather!
The combination of low temperature, physical exertion, dehydration of the body and excessive alcohol intake can actually be detrimental to the festive season, can lead to heart attack or stroke.

– Such cases occur, and most threatened people with high blood pressure. Going from a warm room to cold air causes narrowing of blood vessels.

Regular physical activity is required. Practice until you feel mild fatigue and you start to sweat.

Enter 400 to 600 grams of fruit, 200 to 300 grams of vegetables.

Be sure to remove cigarettes, coffee and alcohol – doctor advises.
Skin contains a liter of blood, going towards the center of the body – the heart and the brain, there and there is an additional pressure jump.

Certain groups of people in holidays are much more exposed to these risks.

– Particularly affected are smokers because their blood vessels are damaged. There are also obese people, people who are not involved in daily physical activities and they then clearing snow causes a sudden jump in pressure, and people who do not get enough fluids.

Most heart attacks and strokes occur in the early morning hours because the blood in the morning densest. Then the best thing for ourselves we can do to have a glass of water, but despite this, many are turning to coffee, which is a wrong choice.

Therefore, despite the holidays, moderate to strong food, alcohol and cigarettes. And as you probably among New Year’s resolutions counted is gym, this is a great incentive to actually start practicing!

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