How Doctors Avoid Cold and Flu

The doctors are everyday exposed to infection, more often than others. Therefore, it is unbelievable that they are not constantly sick, and how they prevent flu, and other diseases. This is due to following these simple tips.

The most important thing is to wash your hands because it best prevents transmission of viruses and bacteria. Ideally hands need to be washed at least twenty seconds with warm water and soap.
Do not touch the nose and mouth with hands and clean all the surfaces around that you use regularly. Antibacterial wipes and antibacterial hand gel can help you.
It is important that every day at least a little exercise to strengthen immunity – running twenty minutes a day and it will be enough.

C vitamin and herbal teas are always welcome, as well as honey and propolis, especially for sore throat.
Chicken soup is truly miraculous, so try it as often as you can to eat cooked.

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