Scissors pulled from Vietnamese man’s stomach 18 years after surgery

Surgeons removed scissors to a man from Vietnam from his abdomen that there remained forgotten during surgery 18 years ago.

Ma Van Nat, now 54-year-old underwent surgery in 1998 after a car accident and only recently discovered that doctors then in his stomach left unwanted gift before he was imprisoned.

Because of constant pain he ended on ultrasound, doctors have discovered 15 centimeters long shears near his colon.

This weekend, Nat was on the three-hour surgery during which they removed the scissors. Nat was operated at the hospital Gang Tep Tai Nguyen, 80 kilometers north of Hanoi.

The patient has spent nearly two decades living relatively normal life, with frequent stomach pains.

The police tried to trace the doctors who had the surgery back in 1998, but the culprits have not been found.

Nat is now successfully recovering.

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