The oldest yoga instructor in the world has 98 years (VIDEO)

Tao Porchon-Lynch has 98 years and she is the oldest yoga instructor in the world. For 75 years she gets up every morning at five o’clock and teach lovers of this ancient art.

Porchon-Lynch has been introduced recently in the campaign movement “Power of She” and revealed her secrets of happiness, health and longevity.

“Everything is possible, nothing is impossible” is her mantra.

“When you wake up each morning with the sentence ‘This will be the best day of my life’, it will really be like that,” says Tao.

“I know that in you there inside is the joy of life. Live it, believe in it, ” she says.

Yoga is not the only skill that Tao mastered. She is also a talented dancer, and once appeared in “Show Boat” (1951) and “The Last Time I Saw Paris” (1954) in which the main role is played by Elizabeth Taylor.

For her longevity, she says, she owes to yoga, but can not be said that time has not left a mark on her body. A few years ago she had to install an artificial hip, and in 2011 she broke her wrist.

Instead of slowing, Porchon-Lynch is improving daily, but says she helps a lot of vegetarian diet, with occasional glass of wine or a cube of chocolate.

Video source: Athleta

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