The only product that kills viruses, fungus and bacteria at the same time!

Upon mixing of digestive enzymes of bees and resinous substances of plants is formed an adhesive with a unique formula – propolis. Bees propolis is necessary for the protection and disinfection of the hive and honeycomb, we need eat to treat many diseases.


The beneficial properties of propolis


Despite the fact that propolis has been known since ancient time, modern medicine continues to reveal more and more of its properties. There are many ways to use this product: mixture with milk and propolis is great treat cough or in the form of an alcohol tincture for internal and external application.


The healing properties of propolis tincture


As an internal reception, propolis tincture enhances immunity, reduces inflammation, acts as an antioxidant. The spectrum of activity when applied topically is even wider: disinfects and heals wounds, regenerates the skin, kills pain and fungus.


Physicians prescribed this remedy for the most various conditions and diseases: for treatment of tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, otitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, to eliminate viral infections (influenza, herpes), for all dental pathologies in gynecology in cervical erosion and even for the treatment of gastric diseases.


Most often is used a 10% propolis tincture. You can buy it in pharmacies (it costs a penny, and the small bottle of 25 ml is enough for a long time), or even you can prepare it by yourself.


HOW TO APPLY propolis tincture


For pharyngitis and tonsillitis do gargle with tincture diluted in saline at a ratio of 1: 10.

With the same concentration is necessary to prepare a solution for rinsing the mouth for dental diseases.

For sinusitis: put some drops in your nose of the tincture diluted in the proportion indicated above.

For otitis: apply in your ear moistened in the tincture cotton. Adults can also put in each ear 2 drops of the tincture until complete recovery.


Inhalation with propolis tincture (1 drop of tincture and 5 ml saline) is used for respiratory diseases.

As a restorative remedy, dissolve 15-20 drops of propolis in a spoonful of milk or water and drink 30 minutes before meals.

For treatment of gastric dilute 15-20 dropsin 100 ml of warm water and drink for 30 minutes before a meal.

Skin lesions, sores, cold sores, fungal infection of feet and nails can be treated with applying a soaked gauze in propolis.


With all the positive influence of propolis on the human body for accurate diagnosis and prescription of treatment should still consult your doctor!


Propolis is contraindicated in people who are allergic to bee products. Children, pregnant women and drivers, the use of the remedy is also contraindicated as it contain alcohol (can only be used externally).


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