The shocking scientific discovery: Appendicitis is a very important organ – here’s why!

For long been believed that the appendix is completely useless and it is one of the organs which surgeons usually remove from the body because it can lead to its inflammation and cracking and other dangerous health conditions.

However, the latest study found that the appendix, which works quite normal actually is crucial reservoir for storage of “good” bacteria in the stomach.

Scientists have discovered that the appendix has evolved so that it creates more lymphatic tissue that is ideal for stimulating a good bacteria.

Experts also warn that this finding has far greater importance than we thought because very little is known about how these bacteria affect our health.

Until now it was not known why people have appendicitis, and yet, as we evolve, appendix continues to adapt and remain intact.

To further investigate the usage of appendix, researchers at the University of Arizona followed the evolution of 553 mammals with appendix.

Quite surprisingly, it has not disappeared from any of them showing that it still has a specific purpose.

But that’s not all, the researchers found that species with an appendix have a higher concentration of lymph tissue that is essential for our immune system.

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