He has 105 years, and he set record with 14 miles in one hour

The researchers note that it is much more interesting this as with Robert Marchand (105) found that over the years in all the better physical condition – due to intense physical activity

French cyclist Robert Marchand (105) clocked the 22.5 kilometer per hour. Time is set cycling record in the category of over 105, which is more fascinating facts. But scientists point out that it is much more interesting is that the code of this athlete (who got involved in cycling 67) found that with age he is in better physical condition. And all this because of intense physical activity.

They measured exploiting oxygen in Robert Marchand muscles – “VO2 max” – and it turned out that this efficiency increases with him, and to 13 percent in two years. He now has a better use of oxygen than the average 50-year-old. Over the years, this process is reversed and it is just a lack of oxygen and the inability of the body to properly carry oxygen to the cells one of the reasons why elderly and infirm.

The survey of French universities Evry-Val d’Essonne confirmed that the maximum utilization of oxygen in older athletes intensifies as their intense training. This is another argument that in old age does not neglect physical activity. Depending on the medical capabilities, it is useful every day to walk half an hour, and if you can, with professional supervision, increase the physical activity.

Training regime after the first record in the 102, Robert Marchand 80 percent of training does a moderate, and 20 percent in an efficient manner.

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