Put a condom on your feet! You will be grateful for such advice

The traditional use of a condom is known since the time of King Minos. According to legend, a curse was placed on him, because of which his sperm contained snakes and scorpions. The noble king saved his love from the terrible fate, having created a condom from the goat’s bladder.


Since then, the condom protects against diseases of the reproductive system, significantly reduces the likelihood of HIV transmission, and prevents unwanted pregnancies.


Why you need a condom


You do not even guess that you can use condoms outside the bedroom! Here are 9 brilliant solutions to everyday problems with this latex product. The only condition – for such experiments it is desirable to take condoms without lubrication.



Waterproof case

A condom can protect your electronic devices from moisture and water. Just put your smartphone or camera inside and firmly tie it. Great solution for the beach!

зачем нужен презерватив

Cold compress

You have accidentally hit yourself and need to apply a cold? Fill the condom with cold water, tie it and place it in the freezer. This will be at your fingertips when you need a cold compress.

зачем нужен презерватив


Waterproof bandage

If you can not wet a wound underwater, you can do this: put bandage first and put a condom on top, cut off from one side.

зачем нужен презерватив


Waterproof socks

In rainy weather put condoms on your feet and they won’t be wet.

зачем нужен презерватив

Anti-stress toy

Antistress toys are very popular, and they cost a lot! We know how to make this cheap and fast! Take a condom, fill it with flour and tie it tight. With a marker draw a cheerful face.

зачем нужен презерватив


Condom can replace float when the fishermen forget or lose it.

зачем нужен презерватив

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