10 Practical Reasons why every home needs to have a bottle of castor oil

Castor oil is 85% ricinoleic acid, which makes it a valuable and very useful mean. Oleic acid (2%), linoleic acid (1%), linolenic, stearic and palmitic acids (0.5% each), other acids (0.5%).


Castor seed contains ricin, which is toxic. Therefore, the collectors of the growth are under risk, who often suffer from harmful side effects. These issues help to find alternative sources of obtaining the necessary acids. In addition, some researchers have tried to genetically modify castor oil to prevent the synthesis of ricin.


The main producers of castor oil are India, Brazil and China. The United States is the main industrial consumer of these products.


The most valuable properties of castor oil, which are actively used in cosmetology, include the following:


Softening and nourishing the skin, including dry and sensitive; the use of oil helps to reduce flaking and excessive dryness of the skin;


Bleaching of the skin; Oil helps reduce the occurrence of pigmentation spots, can make visually, less noticeable freckles;


With the constant use of oil, you can even out the skin tone, smooth out its irregularities;


Castor oil can have a rejuvenating effect on the skin and eliminate shallow wrinkles;


Castor oil is used to strengthen and grow hair, eyelashes and eyebrows;


To a lesser extent, castor oil, is used to remove cracks on the skin, minor scars and skin outgrowths, warts; Used to remove calluses and footprints on the legs.


Regular use of castor oil on hair roots and scalp helps:


  • Strengthen your hair growth.
  • Reduce and prevent hair damage.
  • Make hair thicker and shiny.
  • Prevent dryness of scalp.
  • Deeply moisturize the hair and scalp.
  • Increase the overall health of hair.
  • Applying oil to hair, is just one of the strategies designed to stimulate hair growth. Having a healthy diet (using food that contains the necessary vitamins for the hair), healthy sleep and regular exercise will help to strengthen the health of the hair.


Castor oil for weight loss and body cleansing

Castor oil for weight loss and cleansing is used by numerous fighters with excess weight. The uniqueness of the method lies in the fact that weight loss occurs due to the elimination of the liquid from the body. This effect is achieved due to the laxative property of castor oil. This method of purifying the body is as natural as possible, does not carry stress to the body, therefore, cannot cause harm. Castor oil to cleanse the body and lose weight is used inside, with food or drink. But the prescription composition and dosage should be selected by a competent nutritionist.


Removes Cataract

Use castor oil as an eye drop. Put a drop in each eye to help dissolve cataracts. It may be sticky and makes the eyes blurry so use it only at night before going to sleep. During the day, add a drop of acv in 2-3 drops of distilled water and put into eyes like eye drops. You will soon see an improvement with your sight!



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