Cardiologists say that we drink water at the wrong time. Read here when it’s necessary!

“Use as much water as possible!” – you can read this almost in every article about healthy nutrition. But doctors think otherwise: excessive water intake creates an additional burden on the kidneys and does not do any good for the body.



How to drink water properly during the day


Each person is individual, and the needs for daily use of water are different for everyone. The amount of necessary fluid per day can be easily calculated using these universal formulas. If you suffer from heart disease or you have kidney problems, it is worthwhile to consult an additional doctor.



But the most important question is not how much to use liquids, but at what time! Doctors advise to adhere to a few simple rules.


Drink 1-2 glasses of water immediately after awakening. At night, our body is dehydrated, so there is a need for replenishment of fluid reserves.


Before each meal, it is advisable to drink 200 ml of water. This will help to speed up the metabolism.


Try to compensate each drunk cup of tea or coffee with one glass of water.


Can you drink while eating? Doctors disagree. Some believe that this is harmful, since water dilutes the gastric juice. Others say that this is contraindicated only to people with a low acidity of the stomach.


During high-intensity strength training, you need to drink 150 ml of water every 20 minutes (the volume of a normal plastic cup).


At night, it is better to limit the use of fluid, especially to people with kidney disease.

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