Most cancers are caused by the intake of these foods

Dear readers, we present to you the 13 most dangerous products that can provoke the formation of a cancerous tumor. These are really very bad products, from the use of which you must refuse at any cost. Be careful with your health, friends! Health is our most important investment in the future…

Products that cause cancer



We perfectly understand that there is nothing easier than to put a package of popcorn in a microwave and to crackle “carcinogen” while sitting in front of the TV. Friends! Pity your poor liver and pancreas! Popcorn has in its composition carcinogens, which create an artificial flavor of butter. “Popcorn” carcinogens are extremely dangerous and create a favorable environment for cancer.


What to do? Exclude popcorn from the diet. Absolutely!


  1. Vegetables and fruits, with high content of pesticides

Vegetables and fruits are healthy. Yes it is. But the use of chemical fertilizers during their cultivation and spraying on the surface of inorganic substances in order for them to look better, turn the most useful gifts of nature into real killers of health!


First of all that’s apples, oranges, strawberries and grapes. Therefore, always carefully wash the vegetables and fruits, but be aware that this does not completely eliminate you from the harmful substances contained in them.


What to do? Learn to distinguish between “harmful” vegetables and fruits from healthy ones.


  1. Canned tomatoes

Many of us know that lycopene, contained in tomatoes, is a powerful antioxidant and has a beneficial effect on our health. But (!) When are tomatoes canned in metal jars, chemicals destroy the lycopene. Furthermore! These substances provoke heart cancer and create reproductive problems in the body.


What to do? You do not need to give up useful tomatoes. Just eat them fresh, stew, and when you are preserving, use glass jars.


  1. Sausages, canned meat


It is very difficult to give up a delicious sandwich with sausage. But, unfortunately – the constant use of processed meat products causes harm to the body. This concerns to meat smoked and stewed meat.


When meat is preserving, chemical substances are used, similar to those contained in cigarettes. Thanks to this, canned meat and sausages retain a beautiful appearance, but are not beneficial to the body.


People who consume even 160 grams of canned meat and / or smoked sausages every day are 44% more likely to develop cancer than people who eat carcinogenic meat no more than 100-120 g per day or do not use it at all. Similar studies were conducted by scientists from the United States.


What to do? We perfectly understand how difficult it is to give up a piece of smoked sausage, ennobling a delicious sandwich.


  1. Potato chips

Favorite by many, potato chips can be deadly! Chips are very caloric and with excessive consumption can significantly increase your weight. Also, they contain a huge dose of sodium, artificial preservatives and flavors. This chemical food bouquet raises blood pressure and creates a favorable environment for the development of a cancerous tumor.


What to do? Replace delicious chips with no less delicious pretzels with salt, baked apple chips or another product – according to your taste.


  1. Refined vegetable oils

We often use refined / deodorized oil for cooking, which is like heaven and earth, different from its natural counterpart – natural vegetable (olive, wheat, soy, linseed, etc.) oils. Hydrogenated oil is extremely harmful to health, because it contains a lot of preservatives.


What to do? Carefully read the labels on the packages and buy only natural oil, which, of course is a little expensive, but the health is more expensive!



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