Pour Hot Water on Your Apples and See If This Common Cancer-Causing Wax APPEARS

Fruits are one of the superfoods nature has provided us with. Their sweetness is not a result of artificial sugars and stuff. Apples, pears and other fruits are packed with vitamins and minerals. The only thing that should worry you is the origin of the fruits you are buying. Unfortunately, fruits are usually covered with wax that is made from the same material that motor oils are derived from. Need more details? Yes, this wax is life-threatening and toxic to your body.

Fruit wax

Many farmers and manufacturers cover their fruits with wax in order to preserve them and extend their shelf life. To do this, they first remove the natural wax and then coat them in a petroleum-based wax.

Although they claim that this wax keeps fungus and bacteria away from the fruits, and preserves the produce, the truth is slightly different. ‘Slightly’ is probably too mild. Moreover, this wax also changes the color of the fruits, and makes them more appealing and tasty-looking. Consequently, people have started wondering whether using wax covering is really necessary or it is just used to give the fruit a nicer appearance and thus make us buy more.

Fruit wax ingredients

Given the fact that wax is not considered a food ingredient, companies are not required to reveal its origin. Therefore, there is a lot of controversy in regard to the ingredients used to make this wax. Up until now, it has been confirmed that many of these waxes contain allergens like soy, dairy and gluten.

Moreover, wax coatings are full of fungicides and preservatives, artificial dyes, and coloring that make the fruit look nice. These dyes are known carcinogens, and they are something you do not need on your food.

How to Avoid Harmful Fruit Wax

Although most conventional wax coatings contain ingredients that are known to harm human health, there are many produce-distributing companies that have made a point to use wax that is made of only natural ingredients.

Organic fruit wax is made from ingredients like carnauba wax, wood resin, and beeswax. What is more important, it does not contain fungicides, artificial preservatives, or petroleum-based ingredients.

If you’re adamant about eating fruit that isn’t covered in any wax other than the one that it produces itself, buy your fruit from the farmer’s market when you know the fruit is in season, as this will ensure that they will not have any preservatives added to it.


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