7  Unpleasant Consequences Of Going Without Sex For A Long Time


Many women have problems in their sexual life: too little, too much, the head hurts, the mood is gone, not the case, not on time… The recipe is one: “We should have sex”. Unconvincing? Here are 7 scientifically proven reasons why you should not neglect your sex life.


Weakening of the body

Sexually active women get sick less often than supporters of abstinence. As studies show, the content of antibodies in the blood of people who regularly have sex is 30% greater than those who do not have sex.



Good sex removes stress. It’s all about the endorphins given off during lovemaking. They have a positive effect on the psycho-emotional background of a person. If these hormones are lacking, then the risk of falling into depression increases at times.


It’s hard to get excited

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: the lower the sexual activity, the more difficult it is to get excited. The brain with long abstinence sends signals to the entire body. It seems to convince our body that it does not need a sexual function. This can cause a lack of orgasm in women, because the body simply forgets how it is.


Problems in relations

If the couple rarely makes love, the distance between partners grows. Very often dissatisfaction becomes the cause of gaps.


Problem Skin

During sexual intercourse, women develop collagen, which ensures the tone, strength and elasticity of the skin. Therefore, the skin ages faster and wrinkles appear on it.


Problems with potency

Long-term abstinence from sex causes erection problems in men, and also leads to a decrease in libido.


Excess weight

When a person is excited, his heart rate increases from 70 to 150 beats per minute. It turns out that it burns the same number of calories as in 15 minutes of running on the track. Therefore, it is quite possible to slightly increase weight during abstinence.


Regular sex is the key to a harmonious romantic relationship and a strong marriage.



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