A plastic surgeon advised my mother to wash her face in a special way. Wrinkles disappeared!

Red wine – for cosmetic purposes? Really? Yes it’s a blasphemy! I beg, do not rush to conclusions. It turns out that wine is a life-giving elixir, which can be used for a couple of years.


My mother has a childhood friend, works as a plastic surgeon. He knows everything about the skin. Recently she told me that her friend advised her to an incredible remedy. She said that it’s good to wipe the skin with natural red wine daily and this will help reduce existing wrinkles, speeding the regeneration processes in the skin.


Anti-aging masks


Any woman wants to know how to keep the youth of the skin, without applying titanic efforts. Mom checked on her own experience, whether the recommendation of a friend-doctor works. After 2 weeks, she really looked much fresher. I’ll tell you what’s the secret …


Wine improves blood circulation and cleanses even deep layers of the skin. It is useful to wash your face with wine 1 time in 3 days, wipe your skin with wine in the evenings, and also do stimulating wine masks. Of course, it’s best to use homemade wine for these purposes, because there are definitely no chemical impurities in it. If you can’t find homemade, take a quality purchase.


Wine and milk mask for skin rejuvenation



4 tbsp. of red wine

1 tsp. of milk

A little flour



Mix all the ingredients, apply the mixture to the cleansed skin and hold the mask for 20 minutes. Wash the mask well with warm water.

Red wine in the mask perfectly cleanses the skin, helps to get rid of dead cells, tones it. After applying this ancient beauty drink, the skin literally blooms!



Milk is a superfood for the skin! It consists of 3,000 useful components, including amino acids and vitamins. Milk fat deeply moisturizes the skin (in one drop of milk contains 10 000 000 tiny fat globules!), And all the useful substances contained in milk, strengthen the skin.

After you finish the procedure, make sure to apply on the face your favorite moisturizer. It is best to make such a mask in the evening. My mother confessed that after several days of using the mask, she felt the skin become more elastic. The complexion leveled out and acquired a slight pinkish hue, and deep wrinkles were visibly tightened.



You can wipe your face with ice cubes made from red wine. All the antioxidants contained in the wine will be preserved when frozen, and the ice will act on the skin as an active serum, instantly revitalizing it.


Red wine is a noble drink! Of course, doctors recommend using it not only externally. But in moderation! Wine improves memory, relaxes the nervous system, helping to cope with stress.


Antioxidants, abundantly contained in red wine, stop the aging process and prevent the deposition of fats in the body. So let’s have a drink!


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