Only one cocktail in the world is able to help you lose belly fat fast

In the minds of many women, the word “diet” is something dull, stressful and necessarily unattractive. I’m not a fan of ruthless starvation, which is fraught with disastrous consequences for the body. You lose kilos, but you get diseases of the stomach and intestines. Joy is not enough!


Healthy breakfast


I will not tire of repeating that you can lose weight pleasantly and harmlessly. There is a golden formula, which will remove your belly fat. Just add this delicious and healthy breakfast to your diet!




Cocktails for weight loss can replace one of the meals. They are nutritious, but they are not deposited, because they are prepared from dietary products. Calories are at a minimum, but you have more than enough energy!

If you are ready to lose weight slowly, but for sure – drink a cocktail 30 minutes before eating. Also you can use them instead of snack.


In order to get rid of fat quickly – replace the cocktail with breakfast or dinner. The main goal here is to reduce the calorie, so you will begin to lose weight.


If you need to urgently part with an extra 3 kilograms – it is necessary to arrange a day off for a cocktail. I recommend trying a fat-burning drink with sour cream and protein.



2 egg whites

100 g of low-fat sour cream

1 tbsp. of flaxseed oil

1/2 carrots

1/2 green apple

A little lemon juice



Mix the eggs, sour cream, butter and lemon juice.

Blend the vegetables and fruits in a blender and add the mixture prepared before.


In a complex with a cocktail it is necessary to use protein food, and to exclude flour and sweet, to reduce to a minimum carbohydrates. Yes, it’s difficult at first, but it’s a habit. Especially balanced nutrition is better than hunger-strike!


Try to move more. If there is no time for training, walk and bike are good ideas. With a great desire, you can find 20 minutes a day for effective exercises.


Perhaps, this is the perfect breakfast for losing weight! My friends have already tried the cocktail on themselves, and the result, I want to tell you, is impressive

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