5 things that you should immediately get rid of before the New Year! Bad energy in everything…

Each of us on New Year’s Eve often gives himself the promise that next year will be more productive than the previous one. Simply you start a new life from scratch.

Therefore, the best thing that can be done now is to get rid of those things that you have not touched for a whole year. Keep the old knickknacks from childhood, of course, well, but not in the huge boxes that clutter the dwelling…


And for those who are tightly associated with your favorite trash, we advise you to pay attention to these 5 sensible recommendations for cleaning the house.


Broken things

If you are still storing broken utensils, broken appliances 10 years ago, or a worn wallet, you should immediately get rid of all this.

The fact is that such rubbish not only occupies precious space, but also is a strong magnet for bad energy. Throwing out old things, think of something better for their place in the new year.


Collections of magazines

Not only are these magazines littered with housing, they are also a place of accumulation of a large amount of dust, ticks… Therefore, if you want to see interesting pictures, look for them better on the Internet.


Old towels and sheets

Now most of the housewifes will stand on their hind legs and scream in one voice: “Why throw away a leaky sheet, because you can make a lot of rags from it!” If you are so sorry to throw out the old bedding, give it to your mother or granny, let them have a lot of good rags.


Things that annoy

Often in the dwelling, in addition to our will, there are many things that annoy us. But the hand does not rise to throw them away: the grandmother gave this money box, and this old knives and forks were left from the time of the wedding. Over the years, a lot of such rubbish accumulates.

Therefore, if you feel that things have ceased to please you, grab a camera in your hand and rather advertise on eBay about selling your treasure.


Many of us still keep old textbooks, manuals and manuals from the time of the school or college. It is already necessary to decide what kind of things you need at this life stage, and quickly get rid of the burden of the past.

Free yourself and your space from unnecessary things today. We wish that in the new year the mountains of gifts and pleasant surprises hit you!



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