How to Make Organic Herbal Cough Drops – That Actually Work

The main causes of cough in adults


ARI and influenza


We all know the usual symptoms of flu and “colds” – high fever, headache, runny nose, cough and so on. Cough, as a rule, indicates that the disease is related to respiratory infections, that is, to those that affect primarily the respiratory tract.


Runny nose


With a cold, the nasopharynx is irritated and tries to get rid of this irritation by coughing. It is believed that the runny nose is useless to treat, but to rinse the nasopharynx with salt solution does not hurt you so you can try that.


Diseases of the throat


With pharyngitis and laryngitis in the throat hurts, the voice becomes hoarse, sometimes completely disappears. Sometimes there is a painful barking cough. In the throat, there is an increasing swelling, and the cough receptors get irritated more and more. The doctor should find out the stage of the disease – acute or chronic – and prescribe a treatment.


Acid reflux


Acid cough is loud and hoarse, after it a bitter taste remains in the mouth. If it’s too late to eat and go to bed immediately, the acid from the stomach will penetrate into the esophagus, rise up to the throat and become irritating to the mucous membrane. Such acid casting is called acid reflux, and it happens with about 10% of people. The doctor, most likely, will prescribe a treatment that reduces the acidity of the stomach, and a diet. But it’s even better not to eat at night.




In acute bronchitis, as a rule, body temperature rises. The main symptom of bronchitis is a cough, dry and obtrusive at first, moist and productive at the end. Inflammation of the bronchi is most often caused by viruses or bacteria, and the diagnosis can be established only by a doctor, having listened to the bronchus with a stethoscope and by prescribing blood tests or radiographs of the bronchi. Bronchitis should be taken seriously, not to be frightened, but to precisely fulfill the doctor’s prescription so that the inflammation does not fall into the lungs and pneumonia begins.


Homemade Herbal Сough Droрs




  • ½ сuр сoсonut oil
  • ½ сuр raw honey
  • 1 teasрoon organiс сinnamon



  • Beat the сoсonut oil until whiррed, using stand or a hand mixer
  • Add the honey and whiр until the two ingredients are fully blended
  • Add the сinnamon
  • Freeze for half an hour
  • Remove the сough droрs from iсe сube tray
  • Кeeр in an airtight сontainer in the fridge
  • Use as needed

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