Here is why you should stop drinking coffee on an empty stomach!

You may think that a cup of coffee immediately after you opened your eyes is a great idea. After all, this is a great way to come to life.


But this is actually a terrible idea. Because coffee in the morning, of course, invigorates, but on an empty stomach it’s better to don’t drink!


Let’s look at several reasons why.


  1. Gastric acid.


Your stomach contains hydrochloric acid. For the health of the whole tract, it is critically important that its concentration be at the right level: it will be less than the “norm” – and the food will not normally be digested; there will be more – and it will begin to corrode the walls of the stomach (in perspective this is the path to the ulcer).


So, coffee on an empty stomach only adds problems here, because the concentration of hydrochloric acid increases from it. So, drinking a cup of your favorite drink before you eat at least a sandwich, you are at great risk.


  1. Anxiety.


When you drink an energy drink on an empty stomach, you reduce the ability of your body to properly process a hormone called “serotonin.” It is a neurotransmitter of happiness and tranquility.


If your brain is not able to control the production of this hormone in the right way, you will inevitably be anxious and depressed.


And coffee stimulates the production of cortisol and adrenaline. The first depresses you, takes from you “life energy”, and the second gives sensations of nervousness and weakness.


  1. Dehydration.


As Dr. Adam Simon tells us, the habit of drinking coffee on an empty stomach increases the amount of fluid released from the body. After a cup of a fragrant drink you begin to sweat more than usual. And, of course, we all remember that coffee is a diuretic drink.


To protect yourself, before the first cup of coffee, make yourself a habit of drinking at least one glass of water.


  1. Loss of appetite.


People who are used to starting the morning with a cup of coffee, almost never have breakfast. Have you ever wondered why?


Coffee suppresses appetite – and this is one of the reasons why there are even “coffee diets” for those who want to lose weight. And although in general this is quite a good effect, we all need breakfast. If you miss it, you can not lose weight!


So when to drink coffee ?!


The researchers say that the ideal time for the first cup during the day is 10am.


If you are not able to endure until this point, or wake up for this too soon, take the rule of first eating breakfast, even quite a bit, and only after it drink your first cup!



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