How To Get Rid Of Bags Under Your Eyes Fast

You can get rid of swelling under the eyes forever. Choose any method and every morning rejoice at your reflection in the mirror.


  1. Drink water


Paradoxically, but to get rid of edemas, you need to drink more water. Because they often appear due to salt, which inhibits the excretion of fluid. And water helps to wash salt from the body (along with toxins).


If the day before you ate a salted dinner, cried or overdone it with alcohol, clean drinking water should become your best friend for the whole day.


  1. Attach something cold


Cold narrows the vessels and helps with any swelling. The area around the eyes is no exception. It can be cooled using metal spoons. It is better to put 4-6 pieces in the freezer beforehand, and then apply them to the eyes in turn: when one spoon is heated, it can be replaced with a new one.


Another option is to wash with ice cubes. In this case, suitable as frozen water are milk or herbal decoctions.


An alternative to ice is cold compresses. They can be done by moistening a conventional cotton pad in cold milk or rose water.


Keep the compress on your eyes for 10-15 minutes.


  1. Make a mask of natural ingredients


Aloe well cope with edema, and at the same time moisturizes the skin and helps smooth out fine wrinkles. You can squeeze out the gel from the leaves of a living plant, immediately spread it over the skin, hold it for several minutes until it dries, and rinse with water. Another option is to soak aloe juice with gauze, put it in the freezer and use these compresses as needed.


Shock mask against edema will result if you mix 2 tablespoons of aloe gel with ½ teaspoon of cucumber juice. The mixture can be applied before going to bed, and washed off in the morning.


Whipped egg white also helps tighten the skin and remove swelling. It must be spread with fingers or a brush under the eyes, wait 10-15 minutes and rinse with cold water.


  1. Use cosmetics


If you do not want to waste time on homemade cosmetics, buy ready-made products. For example, masks or patches for the eyes. As a rule, they not only remove swelling, but also have a moisturizing and anti-aging effect. To enhance its effect, store it in the refrigerator.



If your eyes in the morning are not only swollen, but also reddish or itchy, it is possible that you are allergic to a cosmetic product for the eyes. Try not to use the usual means for several days.


  1. Take care of your dream


First, try to get enough sleep. 8-9 hours of sleep can already help to cope with bags and circles under the eyes.


Secondly, pay attention to your posture while you sleep. If you sleep on your stomach, it helps to inflow fluid to the eyes. It is best to sleep on your back, with an additional pillow under your head. Then the fluid that accumulates under the eyes will tend to go down.


  1. Take care of the skin around the eyes


The skin around the eyes is very sensitive, rough handling can lead to stretching and, as a consequence, the appearance of bags. Therefore, try not to stretch the skin and do not rub eyes, do not use aggressive agents like scrubs and do not forget about moisturizing cream.


  1. Fight bad habits


Often the cause of swelling is the love of salty foods, smoking or alcohol abuse. Get rid of these bad habits, and you will not only forget about the bags under your eyes, but in general you will look better.



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