Proven ways to improve vision. It’s time to say goodbye to the glasses!

Poor vision is the scourge of our time. It happens that your eyes often hurt at the end of the day, and when you go out into the sunlight, there are rubbings and there is a dryness in your eyes. According to the World Health Organization, 90 percent of the 285 million people worldwide with poor vision live in low- or middle-income countries where a pair of glasses could cost a year’s salary.


Methods of restoring vision


Can I restore my vision without surgery? And I found these methods for myself. They are based on the medical principle of the fact that if you do not use the muscle, it becomes weaker.


Like any other human muscle, the eye muscles also need to be trained and kept in good working order.


We prepared 10 proven ways for you to improve your vision. These tips are worth keeping to everyone!


Try to avoid overexertion of the eyes during the day. Every 3 hours, close your eyes for a few minutes and enjoy the peace.


These 16 exercises I do every day and I advise you. In two weeks you will notice the result, which later will motivate you to do this workout.

восстановление зрения в домашних условиях

If you constantly wear glasses, try to at least gradually reduce the time spent in them. Take them off more often, thereby making the muscles of the eyes work.


If by evening you feel a strong eye fatigue, use the aloe vera juice instead of the usual eye drops. However, before using this natural remedy, consult a doctor.


Your eyes need a massage. Do it with gentle circular motions, moving along points 1 through 7, as shown in the figure below.

 восстановление зрения алоэ

For pressing on the eyeball, it is best to use the middle and index fingers. In the process you should feel pressure, but not pain.


While walking on the street and even when you come back from work, try to look more often somewhere in the distance.


Love the carrot juice and drink it as often as possible. It is desirable every day. And if you want to achieve maximum effect, add two drops of olive oil to the glass.


Try the Indian Trataka exercise.

To do this you need to sit in front of a burning candle and focus on it your eyes and all your attention. In this case, try not to blink. The image of the object should be clearly imprinted in your memory and brain.

Then, close your eyes and concentrate on the interbrow, trying to keep the image of the point in front of your closed eyes for as long as possible. Perform this practice for 10 minutes.

восстановление зрения у детей

The purpose of the exercise is to achieve a clear image of the previously fuzzy object before the eyes become tired.

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